Voir la version complète : Carmageddon password for uncut version?

01/05/2002, 03h47
i play C 1 becuz C 2 doesn't support XP :(
what's the pass for the uncut version or where do i find it ?

02/05/2002, 13h43
???password on c 1 ? then someone must have put it, 'cause usually C1 ships with either ROBOTs or no pedestrian or bloody pedestrian.
Code is only added as parent protection lock for within the game interface !
Either you did something wrong with game, or someone did a bad trick to you ...

on the other hand, you can buy the carmageddon 2 Graphic update for any version for 1£ at www.cdromcellar.co.uk
And C2 works fine on W2000...strange that it doesn't work for XP...
Maybe some prob with your desktop color depth...

04/05/2002, 00h11
uhm , C1 is the original version
and XP is reconised like NT on most stuff and C2 doesn't support NT so i get that error , maybie i'll try patching it , but everywhere i go , the download gives me an error ??? :(

04/05/2002, 19h59
you need to look for a blood patch