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Scummfont + heighten letters in CHAR_xxxx file?

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  • Scummfont + heighten letters in CHAR_xxxx file?

    Hello all the residents and administrators!
    First of all let me say sorry for I'm not speaking in French but in imperfect English.

    I have a question and request if anybody here can provide me an information about how to heighten all character lines inside of CHAR_xxxx file.

    I managed to prepare my own extended language character set that is fully working and displaying all these letters (my great appreciation flies to Hibernatus who made excellent tools to get inside or modify nearly anything, THANK YOU!).
    However the problematic part is that some character tables e.g. second character set (CHAR_0002) for The Secret of Monkey Island has set fixed height of 9 pixels that prevents to create some special characters for our language alphabet (those uppercase letters with hook or stroke above them).

    Of course I can re-draw them and make them smaller but after this modification they're not so nice and differ in size with others = the visual result is not so nice as it could be.
    Recently, I made some tests when swapping character sets from other CHAR_xxxx tables (those with bigger height - about 12 pixels) and hey, all the characters were displayed as they should be.

    This step confirmed that heightening of characters within the table is possible. However making it manually and adding to each letter in line some extra pixels is taking way too much time and is not so effective.

    Is there any better solution how to heighten every line in CHAR_xxxx file? For example to use some hexeditor which should make this work?
    Nevertheless I'm not so skilled to find proper offsets and addresses and more important to provide if it's possible.

    Please, help me if anybody know how to make it easily and more effectively then I described some lines above. I'm starting to be desperate.

    I'll be looking forward any reply or suggested solutions. Thanks for your time while reading this post.


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    Message d'origine (02/04/2006 11h41)
    I don't remember how scummfont works.
    But i think if you make a bigger bmp it will automatically consider the chars are bigger. For example, if there are 256 chars, make it 256 pixels bigger in height, and add 1 pixel to each char.
    But there is a simpler way : send me a CHAR_xxxx file (because i don't have any game here anymore) and i'll modify the 1 or 2 spots that will make it have bigger chars. I hope you're sure the bigger font won't cause any problem. If it's only 1 pixel bigger and if the line spacing can be chosen then there won't be any problem i guess.

    Edit de Hibernatus (02/04/2006 11h43)
    Alright, forget 2 first sentences And send me the CHAR_xxxx file.


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      Message d'origine (02/04/2006 11h51)
      OK OK, i've got a 901.LFL from MI VGA, i suppose the format should be very similar.
      With a file editor go to offset 0x16 (maybe 0x1C or 0x1E actually, because of the block header) and type 9 instead of 8.
      The end.
      We're pretty lucky with that one

      Edit de Hibernatus (02/04/2006 12h12)
      PS. Can we know what language you're translating to ?
      Czech I guess (c'est cool d'être modo sur un forum)
      Dernière modification par Hibernatus, 02-04-2006, 13h09.


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        Hello Hibernatus and thank you for all the help, I don't even hope to get such professional comments from expert as you are.
        I just tried to follow your steps and change those offsets you advised.

        However I'm trying to modify font table for CD version of The Secret of Monkey Island.
        The font for second char set CHAR_0002 is already 9px height so I can only put higher numbers (10 or < ). I also noticed that offset 0x1E is just enough to be modified. The problematic part is when I change it, it will add more pixels then is needed (increasing from hex value 09 to 10 results in change from 9px to 16px) - this is way too much. The text lines have then big gaps between each other. Is there any way to better handle that pixel growth after offset change?

        Concerning the language translation - yep, you're right it's Czech language.
        Small group of people made it's rough translation and I'm trying to help them with implementation of special and unique characters from our alphabet.

        P.S. I'm going to send you modified CHAR_0002 table. If you can fiddle something about it. Once more thanks for any help you can provide.

        Dernière modification par Mythos, 02-04-2006, 16h26.


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          09 - 09
          10 - 0A <----
          ... - ...
          16 - 10


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            Message d'origine (02/04/2006 20h24)
            Ah oui, il faut savoir compter en hexa
            Il m'a filé le fichier alors je le lui ai modifié de toute façon.

            Edit de Hibernatus (02/04/2006 20h45)
            Mythos : Now you know what "hexadecimal" means.
            A brazilian translator asked me for another tool for Indy4 and it seems to work with your CHAR file too.
            Since he knew i am lazy he asked me for something that writes/reads to/from a text file
            It is useful if you want a character to be drawn a few pixels higher or a few pixels to the left (even over the previous line or char).
            Maybe you can even set the line spacing so that lines still are 9 pixels high even though there's that 10 pixels char. If i find a game to try this on i'll tell you how to do it.

            Edit de Hibernatus (02/04/2006 20h52)
            Ah, looks like the line spacing thing can't be done, sorry


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              Message d'origine (03/04/2006 09h10)
              Envoyé par Dorian Gray
              09 - 09
              10 - 0A <----
              ... - ...
              16 - 10
              Hi Dorian Gray,
              Oh, oops... stupid me... I think it has somethig to do with residual alcohol from weekend party.
              Thanks for help.

              Edit de Mythos (03/04/2006 09h19)
              Envoyé par Hibernatus
              Mythos : Now you know what "hexadecimal" means.
              Hehe, yes I have recieved excellent education in hexadecimal... thanks to both of you.

              A brazilian translator asked me for another tool for Indy4 and it seems to work with your CHAR file too.
              WOW, excellent utility Hibernatus... that's the perfect tool I was searching for!
              Thanks for another superb job of yours!

              Dernière modification par Mythos, 03-04-2006, 10h32.